5 Beliefs Standing In the Way of Your Career Happiness

By Chelsea Babin

Everyone talks about how important it is to love your job and be happy in your career but, if you struggle with this, you may hold a few beliefs that are standing in your way. Get rid of these 5 beliefs if you want to be happy in your career. And, if that doesn’t work, it may be time to reevaluate your current place of employment or your career path so you can pursue happiness.

1. “I’ll never be able to catch up” If you started out a little later than others because you switched industries or career paths, it’s sometimes difficult to get past the belief that you’ll never be able to catch up and get to the point you really want to be at. But, if you take a realistic look at your time, the skills you need to sharpen or gain, and the progress you want to make, you can break it all down into actionable steps. These bite-sized pieces will leave you less intimidated by the effort it takes to get to where you want to be and you’ll be more likely to enjoy your career along the way.

2. “That person’s job is better or easier than mine” Comparison is the thief of joy so, if you find yourself thinking about how another person’s job is better or easier than yours on a regular basis, it’s almost impossible to be happy with the career you have. The solution to getting rid of this belief is to focus on the things in your own job that you love or that you’re thankful for. If the list falls short, start a job search and find a position or company where you’ll be happier with what you have and less likely to compare yourself to others.

3. “Happiness isn’t linked to pursuing passion or meaning at work” For some people to be truly happy at work, they need to pursue work they are truly passionate about. In the case of cutting-edge technologists, they’ll never be happy using the same old tech on the job over and over again and would prefer to work in a company where they can learn and use the latest and greatest technology. In the case of highly empathetic or service-minded people, they won’t find true happiness until they work for a company whose mission and work they truly believe in. Don’t underestimate the importance of pursuing passion and meaning at work.

4. “If only I could _______, then I’d be happy” Does there always seem to be one last thing standing in the way of you and your career happiness? If only this happened, then I’d finally be happy. If only I could get this one benefit, then I’d finally be happy. If only I earned this much money, then I’d finally be happy. The truth is, the bar is always moving and, if you’re over-reliant on reaching the next goal post you may not find time to enjoy your career along the way. Set goals, but don’t let these goals keep you from the career happiness you should already have!

5. “In order to be happy, I have to be happy 100% of the time” Some people think that in order to find career happiness or in order to love their job that needs to be the case 100% of the time. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Even the most passionate employee will be frustrated with their job every now and then. Even the professional who is happiest with their career will have bad days. Happiness isn’t a permanent state. As long as you’re happy with your career the majority of the time, you’re doing something right.

Find the career happiness you’ve always wanted by getting rid of these 5 beliefs that are standing in your way. If you still aren’t happy, it may be time to start a job search for a new position or new career path that you’ll be more passionate about.