Impressive Questions to Ask in an Interview

By Chelsea Babin

A great interview always feels more like a conversation than a one-way street. If you rely on your interviewer to ask all of the questions you may appear disinterested in the position or disengaged in the interview process itself. However, if you ask these 8 questions in your next interview you’ll impress everyone!

1. When can I start? Save this question for the end but, if you’re truly interested in the position you should certainly ask them this question. It will show your interviewers that you feel you’re ready, willing, and able to tackle the position as it’s been described and discussed.

2. What can I learn? Talking about your existing skills and experience is great but, if you really want to impress your interviewers, ask them what skills would be best for you to learn in your free time to improve your performance in this position. This question lets employers know that you’re dedicated to continuous learning and open to taking on whatever eventual responsibilities they want to throw your way.

3. Can I meet someone from the team? It’s one thing to have the work environment described to you by HR or the boss but it’s an entirely different thing to hear what the work day is really like from someone on the team or in the department you’ll be working for should you accept this position. Some employers may not want you talking to their employees but it never hurts to ask!

4. What is your strategy for this after 12 months? If an interviewer is talking in depth about a project that’s currently in motion that you’d step in on, this question is a great way to show your interest not just in its current state but in the future of this project and the company as a whole. Staying engaged in an interview is easy if you’re asking for details and, although it seems like a simple thing to ask, many people don’t dive further into job responsibilities during their interviews so showing this much interest will set you apart!

5. How can I share my ideas for improvements? A lot of employers are looking for driven people who are able to contribute creative, innovative ideas to help their company continue to improve and succeed. So, during your next interview, ask if there’s a preferred method or system in place for sharing those ideas with management. This will show that you’re ready and willing to invest your brainstorming power into the betterment of projects you’re working on and the company as a whole.

6. Is there a system in place for training or mentorships? Asking about training shows that you’re interested in diversifying your skills while asking about mentorship shows that you’re looking to grow within the company and either mentor people with less experience than you or be mentored by a higher up. If you want to be thorough and show employers that you’re interested in staying at their organization for the long haul this is a great question to ask!

7. Can you describe your ideal person for this position? Descriptions of job duties are fine but, if you really want to understand what an employer is looking for from you, ask them to describe their ideal person for this position. You can then relate some of your experiences to some of the details they included or simply state that you’ll strive to be that person.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to know about my professional experience or me? Whether an employer has simply forgotten a question they wanted to ask or you didn’t give them a thorough enough answer on a previously asked question, this is a great question to ask them. Why? Because you’ll get the chance to fill in any holes they might see in your candidacy and have one last opportunity to sell yourself on the points that they’re interested in.

Want to impress everyone in your next job interview? These 8 questions, along with your standard interview preparations and some confident body language, will get you well on your way to an impressed audience of interviewees and a job offer! A great Search Executive or Recruiter can also help prepare you and guide you through your job search.