It’s Time To Talk About the Global Shortage of Trained Linux and Cloud Professionals

By Chelsea Babin

The IT industry is booming but certain areas are seeing more growth than others. Linux and Cloud technologies are at the top of the pack as far as demand grows and that demand is expected to increase in 2017.

A recent survey of over 800 senior level technology professionals done by            , a company that provides hands-on training in the latest Linux and Cloud tech, found that it takes most companies 4-6 weeks to fill a job related to Linux or Cloud technologies. Because most companies have between 1-20 employees who are responsible for managing their Linux and Cloud technologies, many people believe that the demand is simply out-pacing the available pool of trained Linux and Cloud tech talent.

76% of senior level technology professionals polled believe there is a global shortage of Linux and Cloud technology professionals and over 1/3 of them believe that IT professionals have minimal understanding of or no experience with Cloud technologies and need training. Training seems like the best possible solution in this case because the demand for employees with Linux and Cloud technology experience has resulted in 67% of those surveyed saying that they always have or regularly have a hard time recruiting professionals with these skill sets.

The good news is these training initiatives can easily be put in place, though they will require some dedicated resources. 77% of companies say they spend up to $25,000 per year on Linux and Cloud training for their employees. And these technical professionals are often shelling out up to $499 of their own money on a Linux and cloud training course annually. If your organization wants to attract the best Linux and Cloud talent available, it may be a good idea to offer training through an affordable, reputable online service like This will help your existing technology staff learn these valuable skills so you can hire from within but it will also help the Linux and Cloud professionals you have at your company stay up to date. According to the survey, 75% of employees require various degrees of regular training on Linux and Cloud technologies so, if your company can take that out-of-pocket training cost off of their shoulders, you’ll likely see lower turnover rates for these in-demand technologists.

When putting together training for their Linux and Cloud professionals, most respondents said that formal certifications such as RHCSA and RHCE were important to their industry. They also noted that the top three training topics they believed to be most beneficial were Linux, Amazon Web Services, and DevOps Automation Service. trains in these areas and will save your company from regular, lengthy hiring processes. This will help the IT employees you currently have get up to date or stay up to date with truly in-demand technical skills.