Learning is Key When Deciding to Quit Your Current Job

By Chelsea Babin

You’ve started to feel that familiar itch. When you head into work every day something feels off. You aren’t sure, but you think you might be ready to start the job search process and quit your current job. One of the best ways to decide if you’re ready to make a career change is to ask yourself the following question: what am I learning in my current position?

This question can help you determine the value you’re getting from your current job. If there are ample learning opportunities like on the job training, tuition reimbursement or internal promotion programs that you can take advantage of, you don’t necessarily have to being your job search immediately. Take this time to figure out what kind of career advancement you’re looking for and make sure you have a sharp enough skillset to get there.

Similarly, if you’ve recently been promoted to this position you may not have a firm grasp on all of the skills you’re expected to use each day. Without ample experience in your current role it could be tricky to get an advanced role elsewhere. Unless your current workplace is tumultuous, staying in the job you have to refine your skillset will help you get to the point where you can leave on more solid ground.

If you’re not learning anything, if there are no opportunities to learn or grow in your current position, and if you have a firm grasp on the skills you need to fulfill the position you already have, you may be in a prime position to start looking elsewhere. Make a list and get a clear picture of what it is you want in your next technical role and start your job search when you’re ready!

Deciding when you’re ready to make the leap from one position to the next is never easy. Rather than simply following a gut feeling, ask yourself “What am I learning in my current position?” to better understand if it’s time for you to look elsewhere or if you need to stay in your current job a bit longer.