The Most Productive Use of Your Time Monday Through Friday

By Chelsea Babin

For most people the workweek begins Monday morning and ends Friday afternoon. And, with everyone’s fascination with productivity hacks growing, there’s a lot of evidence to back up which tasks are the most productive for each day of the workweek. Want to know what you should focus on each day of the week?

Monday: Difficult Projects

Stepping into the office on Monday morning may not always feel the best but, believe it or not, this is the greatest day for you to tackle your most difficult projects. Don’t go easy on yourself just because it’s Monday! You’re just coming off of a hopefully relaxing and rejuvenating weekend which isn’t the case any other day of the week so tackling your most difficult projects on Mondays is a great, productive work tactic.

Tuesday: Meetings

Meetings don’t have to be pesky or a nuisance but they can be! For more productive, effective meetings try holding them on Tuesdays! This gives presenters and collaborators a day to prepare their thoughts and add a little more interesting flare to their meeting plan but it also leaves the rest of the week to get tasks done that are addressed in the meeting.

Wednesday: Brainstorming

Are you surprised to find out that the middle of the week is your most creative time? It’s true! If your job requires creativity, sharing innovative ideas, or problem solving Wednesdays are the best days to tackle this intensive brainstorming!

Thursday: Collaborations and Check-Ins

Whether you need to check in on a project or you need to tackle some collaborative tasks you should focus on these things on Thursdays. The week is coming to a close but there’s still a day left if things need to be turned around or if projects are falling behind which makes this day great for check-ins. Additionally, it’s a great day for collaboration because it’s two days after your meetings and one day after your brainstorming so you’re at a peak position to collaborate in an effective way.

Friday: Planning Ahead

Accomplish all the tasks you need to get done before the end of the week but don’t forget that the most productive thing you can do for your Friday is to plan ahead for the next week. In order to take on challenging tasks on Mondays you need to figure out which little, distracting tasks you can knock out of the way and which important tasks you’ll need to tackle on Monday.

If you want the most productive workweek possible you should consider focusing on these tasks Monday through Friday. This strategy is the most productive, helpful use of your time and focus and it will save you from the headaches of mismanaging your workweek and feeling like you got nothing accomplished on Friday evening.