Try These 3 Foolproof Skill Building Methods

By Chelsea Babin

In order to advance in your career you’ll need to increase your skills. Some of this skill building can be done on the job but it’s not always enough. Whether you have plenty of growth opportunities at your current company or you have your eye on a dream position you’d like to get to eventually, skill building is a slow, steady process that will help you achieve your goals and get the job you’ve been dreaming of. Want to make sure you’re building the right skills the right way? Try these 3 foolproof skill building methods!

1. Regularly Check Job Boards: No, you don’t have to be a job hopper to regularly check job boards. In fact, if you want to figure out exactly what skills and experience you’ll need to get the job of your dreams or just the next job on your career path, checking job postings regularly for those types of positions can really help you out. You’ll see what skills they require, what skills they’d really like you to have, and how much experience you’ll need in order to be considered for that position. Then you’ll have a clear direction and you can get to work building skills you know will be valuable in the future.

2. Improve 1% Each Day: When you aim for massive changes such as learning a new skill or technology it can often seem overwhelming. But, remember, you don’t need to make huge changes every time you sit down and try to learn. Instead, aim to improve 1% each day. Those small, consistent changes will get you to your larger goal without overwhelming you or taking over your entire life.

3. Meet Up With Others: Learning alone can be daunting and, often, people are less likely to stick with a skill or technology they’re trying to learn if they don’t tell others what they’re doing or try to connect with people who are doing the same thing. Whether you know people at work with this skillset already, can find a meet up group in your area for people learning this skillset, or have a friend who wants to learn the same thing you do keeping in contact with people who are focused on the same skills and technologies that you are can help you learn them faster and keep you on track with skill building when you may feel less motivated.

It’s foolish to expect your job to provide you with all of the skills and experience you’ll need to advance in your career. If you’re ready to dive into a little skill building on the side, these 3 foolproof methods will help you do it the right way and keep you on track for some major success!