Want to Be More Comfortable In Your Next Interview? Get Familiar With the Company’s Faces

By Chelsea Babin

You walk into an office for the first time and worry you’re shifting nervously in your interview clothes. As you’re going through all of the preparation you’ve done in your head you get distracted. People you’ve never seen before are walking by, wondering who you are or why you’re so dressed up or down. The truth is all eyes normally aren’t on you until you’re in the actual interview but sometimes it can feel like they are. Want to feel more comfortable in your interview? Turn to the company’s website and employee’s social networking profiles the night before!

Why It Works:

1. Familiar Faces: Would you prefer to be in a crowd full of strangers looking your way or a room of familiar faces? Most people feel more comfortable and at ease when they recognize the people around them. If you take the time to become familiar with the company’s employees and what they look like the night before, you’ll instantly feel more at ease when you walk into the office.

2. Dress Code Clues: Profile pictures or images on the company’s website of the whole team together can clue you in on how formal or informal this organization is. Although you should always dress to impress at an interview, some companies prefer suits and fewer bright colors while others prefer business casual attire that hints at your personality. Checking out employee pictures should help you gage which outfit is most appropriate for your interview.

3. Recognition: Although you don’t need to memorize everyone’s name and face the night before your interview, you should pay close attention to the people you know or think might be interviewing you. This will make sure you aren’t caught off guard if the CEO walks over to shake your hand or your interviewer appears.

The night before your next interview make sure you check out the company website and employee’s social media profiles. It will alleviate some of the nerves associated with walking into an unfamiliar office full of strangers and it will help you decide which outfit to wear to your interview. It really is a great tactic if you’re hopping to excel in your next interview!