Why Small Goals Make a Big Difference

By Chelsea Babin

Goal setting is an essential part of life but few of us know how to do it right. If you want to pursue a promotion, have an effective job search, or even get a side project completed, setting small goals can make a big difference.

Why are small goals better than big goals? Large, lofty goals—while admirable and ambitious—tend to overstress anyone who sets them. What seems easier, making a million dollars or making ten dollars every day? The latter, or the smaller goal, is less intimidating and induces less initial fear.

If you’re motivated by fear making lofty goals may seem appealing at first but, most goals need a solid effort every day in order to be reached. If your goal is something that can’t be achieved within one year, it’s probably a little too lofty.

Does this mean you need to scrap all of your large goals of learning every JavaScript technology or becoming a CTO? Of course not! Instead, try to evaluate what you can do daily, weekly, or monthly to achieve those larger goals and use your results as your new set of goals.

Small goals may seem less glamorous on the surface but they’ve proven to be more realistic over time because it’s more likely that people will achieve their smaller goals, rather than their larger ones. If you set up your small goals to aim at a larger goal, you’ll be well on your way to the career of your dreams!