Why You Need A Coding Buddy

By Chelsea Babin

If you’re used to going solo when you learn a new programming language but tired of struggling along on your own, consider finding a coding buddy! It doesn’t have to be someone at the same level as you or even someone who knows the same technology as you do as long as you’re both ready to learn the same programming language. Why would a coding buddy help you out?

> Efficiently learn new languages: Two brains are better than one at working through any problem, so why shouldn’t that strategy apply to you and your coding buddy? Your collective brainpower will help you learn a new language more efficiently, which can help you get a leg up in the IT job market.

> Teaching helps you learn: One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Whether you understand a certain detail of the new programming language faster than your buddy or they have a question about one of your technical specialties, the act of explaining and teaching to another person helps solidify that knowledge in your own brain. If you and your coding buddy take turns teaching each other, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn new things!

> Keeps you accountable: When you’re struggling to learn a new skill on top of your work responsibilities and your personal responsibilities, staying on top of everything can be dizzying. It’s easy to ditch your learning pursuits first because they don’t seem as mandatory as your other responsibilities. Just like a fitness goal, your pursuit of learning a new programming language will go more smoothly if you have someone around to keep you accountable. Your coding buddy won’t let you back out of learning easily which you’ll appreciate down the road.

> Makes up for your knowledge gaps: Most people have some knowledge gaps despite their best efforts to keep on top of their technical skills. Chances are you and your coding buddy have different knowledge gaps so you can help fill in for each other in times of uncertainty. Plus, if you employ the teaching method listened above, you’ll help solidify your knowledge as you close your knowledge gaps and become a better IT professional than ever before.

> Coding camaraderie: Sharing your interests with a friend can go a long way in forming a better friendship. You and your coding buddy will not only have similar knowledge in this new programming language, you’ll also develop camaraderie through the learning process. Some of your friends may not be interested in your technical pursuits, but your coding buddy will be!

Learning a new programming language doesn’t require a coding buddy, but you’ll find that having one makes the process more fun and efficient. If you’re ready to pursue new technology knowledge with someone by your side, start looking for a coding buddy today. Check your network or expand your technical professional network by attending conferences or local meetups.