You Can Strengthen Your Professional Relationships With One List

By Chelsea Babin

One good professional relationship could lead to your dream job, to a newly acquired skill set, or simply to a friendship with someone who can relate to what you do and your passion for technology. Because professional relationships are so important to your career it’s important that you put a little effort in regularly to form, maintain, and strengthen those professional relationships, and lists can help! Here’s how you can strengthen your professional relationships with one list.

1. Keep Track of Important People: After a networking event or a meet up it’s easy to lose track of people’s names or contact information. Instead, make a list as soon as you get home or get to your car of the important connections you made. Include their contact information, their names, and any other important tid bits you think you should remember in the future. If it’s helpful you could also include their picture on your list.

2. Various Forms of Connection: From asking them to lunch to sending a friendly tip or article on something they’re interested in, there are various ways you can stay in contact with people in your professional network. Having a checklist will help you keep track of the ways you’ve been in contact recently and, if someone has very few in person checks next to their name it may be time to meet up with them again!

3. Birthdays and Important Career Days: When you know someone’s birthday, work anniversary, or other important dates you should write them down on your checklist and set calendar reminders to send them well wishes or a gift. Thoughtfulness is thoroughly appreciated in any relationship and, if your professional network is expansive, having a list to help you keep up may be essential.

4. Dwindling Numbers: When you don’t have many well-maintained professional relationships it may be more difficult for you to get where you want to be in your career. Having a list will help you see when your network’s numbers are dwindling which would mean it’s time to go to a meet up, conference, or networking event to boost your professional network!

Santa keeps a list and checks it twice because the network of kids he’s reaching is expansive and hard to keep track of without it. Why shouldn’t you do the same with your professional relationships? This one list is essential to maintaining thoughtful professional relationships.