10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Workday

If you build great momentum in the morning, it can carry you through the rest of your workday. Want to jumpstart your workday and make a huge, positive impact on the rest of your day’s productivity? Start out by doing one of these 10 things.

1. Fit in Fitness:

One of the most energizing ways you can start your day is to fit in some fitness before work. Whether it’s a short walk or a trip to the gym, getting this physical activity in before work will help motivate you throughout the day and keep you feeling energetic.

2. Fuel Your Mind:

Breakfast is important but, if you’re not eating brain food, you won’t jumpstart your workday in the most effective way profitable. Steer clear of simple carbohydrates found in bagels and donuts and reach for protein-rich foods instead.

3. Moving Meetings:

If you have to start your workday with a meeting, see if you can add some movement to it! Whether there’s a group activity before the meeting starts to energize everyone or the whole meeting is turned into a walking meeting, staying on the move in an early morning meeting will help you jumpstart your workday.

4. Tackle Your Most Challenging Task:

Get your most dreaded, most challenging task out of the way first thing in the morning! Everything left on your to-do list after this will seem easier in comparison and finishing that task will help motivate you throughout the rest of the day.

5. Establish a Morning Ritual:

One way to jumpstart your workday is to start every one the exact same way. Play the same song when you sit at your desk or open your calendar first and then organize your workspace. If you start every day with the same touchstone activity your brain will slide more easily into work mode over time.

6. Email Scan, Not a Deep Dive:

If you have to check your emails first thing in the morning on a workday, try to do a scan rather than a deep dive. Scan for urgent, important tasks and leave the rest for later in the day.

7. Time Block Your Day:

If you want to jumpstart your productivity for the day, you should try time blocking your workday. Get an hourly planner or create an hourly spreadsheet and look at your to-do list. Create time blocks for each task and make sure to schedule regular breaks. This handy guide will keep you from meandering or spending too much time on one thing.

8. Work with Background Noise:

Silence at the beginning of your workday may cause you to work slower and more sluggishly. If you want to jumpstart your workday you should put on some background noise. Whether it’s music, a noise machine (or a YouTube video with repetitive noises), or skipping your noise-canceling headphones and letting the sounds of a busy office drive you through your morning, you’ll be more productive if you start your day with a bit of background noise.

9. Motivate:

Reading a motivational quote, listening to a motivational podcast or audiobook, or cheering on your coworkers can be a great way to jumpstart your workday. Whatever you find motivational, put it to good use first thing every day and you’ll be much more productive.

10. Set up a Friendly Competition:

One great way to jumpstart your workday is to set up a friendly competition with one of your coworkers. Compete to finish more things on your to-do list before the end of the day or compete to get certain tasks done faster. These friendly competitions give you someone to measure your productivity against and can really help jumpstart your workdays.

Say goodbye to sluggish work mornings! These 10 methods will help you jumpstart every workday so you can be your most motivated, most productive self.

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