8 Things You Need to Do the Night Before A Review

By Chelsea Babin

The night before a job interview, you’re probably busy picking out your perfect outfit, practicing answers to common interview questions, adjusting your body language, and researching the company. These steps help you succeed the next day and increase your chances of a positive result. The same applies for the night before a review! If you want your review to go well, you need to do these 8 things the night before.

1. Assess Your Accomplishments: Listing out your accomplishments, the skills you’ve strengthened, the new things you’ve learned, the value you’ve added to the company, and anything other positive results the night before a review is essential. You’ll refresh your own memory and head into your review prepared to advocate for yourself and properly assess your own performance.

2. Prepare Questions: Reviews are a great time to ask any lingering questions you may have on your mind! Take some time the night before an interview to consider whether or not you have any questions you want to ask and write down the most important ones so you won’t forget.

3. Review Your Goals: Presumably, you set goals in your last review. Have you accomplished them? Have you made good progress? Or have your goals shifted since then? Review your current goals and conduct a mini self-evaluation the night before an interview so you can communicate what you’ve accomplished and how you think you can improve effectively during your review.

4. Set New Goals: While a lot of bosses want you to set new goals during your review, you can get a head start the night before and consider what those new goals might be! Prioritizing ahead of time can keep you focused and clear-headed when it comes to your goals during your actual review.

5. Anticipate Feedback or Criticism: Naturally, reviews are all about getting feedback and constructive criticism from your boss. Anticipating this and considering what might be said will help you feel more confident walking into your review and you can even consider potential counters to their points or ways to agree.

6. Find a Professional Outfit: Dressing professionally for an interview is important, and it’s just as important to do the same for your review! Find an outfit that fits you well, looks professional and polished, but still looks like you. Doing this the night before will save you time getting ready in the morning so you can show up on time, prepared, and ready to tackle your review.

7. Prepare, Then Distract: When you feel confident that you’re fully prepared for your review, stop thinking about it. Stop stressing about what may or may not happen. Provide yourself with ample distractions so that, once you’re fully prepared, you can put the review out of your mind until the next day. This will prevent your form over analyzing, worrying about what ifs, and questioning yourself too much.

8. Get Plenty of Rest: Who wants to go into one of their most important meetings of the year feeling cranky, tired, or lethargic? That’s why you need to make sure you get plenty of rest the night before a review. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to handle whatever is thrown your way.

The night before your review is a great time to prepare, focus, and ensure your success. Do these 8 things the night before if you want your review to go well.