Can’t Take a Vacation? You Can Still Recharge & Prevent Burnout Doing These 5 Things

Whether you’re short on funds, short on available paid time off, or just unable to take a vacation because work is hectic at the moment you can still relax, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries to prevent burnout. How? Do one or more of these 5 things!

1. Balance Work Time Blocks with Break Time Blocks: If your schedule is particularly hectic at work, you can try balancing work time blocks with break time blocks. Taking regular five-minute breaks throughout the workday keeps you focused and productive. And, when you need to work late or work on the weekend, make sure you set aside specific, limited time blocks for work and specific time blocks for relaxing and rejuvenating so you don’t feel overstressed, overworked, and burnt out.

2. A Change of Scenery: Sometimes, when we’re craving a vacation, we’re really just craving a change of scenery. While habits are important if you want to be successful in life and in your career, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the same routine and look at or do the same things every day. Give yourself a simple change of scenery by changing your desktop background or the way your desk is arranged or adding a plant or photo to your workspace. On a larger scale, plan a fun weekend excursion to somewhere nearby that you’ve never been. Immersing yourself in this new environment will give your brain the rejuvenation it needs to keep working hard when Monday rolls back around without needing to take time off.

3. Remix Your Routine: If you need to renew your focus, spark creativity, or reignite your passion for your job remixing your routine can be just as effective as taking time off. Making some changes to your daily work routine, even if you just change where you eat lunch, will give your brain the sense of newness that it needs. You’ll be inspired, more focused, and able to recharge your work batteries.

4. Brainstorm, Prioritize, and Penny Pinch: Just because you can’t take a vacation now doesn’t mean you can’t plan one for the future. Brainstorm ideas of where you’d like to go, prioritize what you need to and make a plan, and penny pinch if you have to. The process of planning a vacation and anticipating a vacation can help recharge your batteries right away. As you know, most Americans don’t use the majority of the paid time off they’re offered. If you fall into that category and are feeling the need to recharge your battery, your best option may be to go ahead and plan a vacation.

5. Unplug When Possible: While turning off all of your gadgets and completely disconnecting from work may be ideal for recharging your work batteries, it isn’t always possible. If you’re too busy to be able to disconnect completely, you should still try to unplug when possible to give your brain a break. Step away from work calls and email in your free time when you can and try unwinding with a book in the evening rather than in front of the TV. Set aside social media and other unessential screen time so you can unplug when you’re not working and only use technology when it’s essential.

Even if you can’t take a vacation right now, it’s possible for you to recharge and prevent burnout. Try one or more of these 5 strategies to get the benefits often associated with taking time off without actually taking time off.