How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job

Once upon a time, you got a thrilling new job that you couldn’t wait to start. Somewhere along the way, that excitement waned. Now, you find yourself at a crossroads. Do you try to fall back in love with the job you already have? Or would you rather start your search for something new? If you choose the first path, these 7 methods will help you on your quest.

1) Make Positive Lists:

Falling back in love with your job may be as simple as shifting your perspective. Lists can help with this! Write down the aspects of your job that you’re grateful for. Or take a few weeks and write down the best thing that happens every day. These positive lists can help you focus on the positive aspects of your current job! You can also make a list of ways that you can actively change your job that would make you love it more, whether that involves negotiating for more PTO or flextime, shifting your focus from one kind of project to another, moving closer to work to shorten your nightmare commute, or another actionable task.

2) Put Your Benefits to Good Use:

Speaking of benefits, when is the last time you used one of yours? From the simplicity of a delicious, free snack to the ability to work from home, companies offer benefits so you’ll use them. Want to fall back in love with your job? Put your benefits to good use!

3) Strengthen Bonds with Coworkers:

Sometimes the issue isn’t with where you work, it’s with the relationships you’ve cultivated at work. If these bonds aren’t strong you’re less likely to love your job. Ask coworkers out to drinks, dinner, lunch, or some other fun activity so you can strengthen those bonds, clear those lines of communication, and improve your workplace relationships.

4) Prioritize Passion Projects:

When you fall out of love with your job, it might be time to take a step back from the projects or tasks that you’re not a fan of and focus on the projects you’re more passionate about. Talk to your boss about refocusing your schedule so you have more time for the projects and tasks you really love. Additionally, you could pursue passion projects in your spare time to develop skills that might be relevant at work now or in the future. Pursuing this passion outside of the office can spill over into love for your current job too!

4) Make Workspace and Workload Changes:

When is the last time you cleaned, reorganized, or redecorated your workspace in the office? If you can’t remember or it was more than a few months ago, try giving your desk and surrounding work area a total refresh! Make your workspace a place you want to work every day and you may start to love your job again. You can do the same thing with your workload, but this may require more negotiation with your coworkers or bosses to actually put into action.

5) Focus on Your Breaks:

If you’re burned out, you’re a lot less likely to love your job. Take some time to focus on your breaks so you can avoid burnout entirely. This may mean taking a 10-minute break every 50 minutes, which is recommended for optimal productivity. It may also mean scheduling your week to optimize for your energy levels, taking more active breaks where you step away from your desk, or drawing clear lines around your work time and your personal time so the two don’t bleed into each other. Focus on making your breaks better and that love for your job may return as your burnout fades to dust.

6) Explore Other Opportunities:

If you’ve done the first 6 things on the list but still haven’t fallen back in love with your job, it’s time to explore other opportunities. You don’t necessarily have to apply for jobs right away but you should take some time to see what else is out there. Are there opportunities that are better suited for what you want out of a job? Is your current job not so bad in comparison to what else is out there? Find out for yourself. The answer may help you love your current job again or it may solidify your decision to start your job search ASAP.

Once you’ve done these 7 things, you’ve made a valiant effort to fall back in love with your current job. Maybe it will work out well for you and you’ll be happy in your position for a long time. If the pieces still don’t quite fit together, it may be time to look for a new opportunity. Contact one of our experienced Search Executives who can find you a job you’ll love so much more.

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