how to quit your job without the guilt

How to Quit a Job and Not Feel Guilty

You did it! You landed your dream job! But now, instead of being excited, now you're faced with guilt. Lucky for you, I have some tips on how to quit a job and not feel guilty- read on to learn more!

7 Ways to Quit a Job and Not Feel Guilty

A cloud of guilt can sometimes overshadow the thrill of getting a job offer. No matter how excited you are to dive into your new position or how ready you are to leave your current one, a lot of corporate cultures cultivate an environment that associates handing in your notice with feelings of guilt. Don’t let your current company rain on your parade!

Try out these 7 ways of eliminating that pesky guilt so you can revel in your new beginnings.

1. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot

Loyalty to a corporation used to be an expectation but times have changed. Although your HR department or bosses would probably feel bad laying you off or letting you go, the corporation itself won’t. Imagining the shoe on the other foot is a great way to alleviate any guilt you have for leaving the company itself.

2. Don't burn your bridges

You’ve probably developed a few great relationships with your coworkers, bosses, clients, or customers during your time at your current company. If so, part of the guilt you’re feeling is most likely stemming from the idea of leaving them behind.

But don’t worry! You may not see each other as often but the best way to develop a solid professional network is to avoid burning bridges. Keep in contact with your favorite people from your current job and you’ll feel less guilty while building a great professional network.

3. There's never a perfect time

There’s a big project around the corner that your team might need help with and you haven’t quite finished this extra feature you were building and you’re worried your coworkers won’t have enough manpower to get through without you—stop.

There is never going to be a time when you have zero responsibilities currently or on the horizon. If you’re waiting for peace and calm before you abandon ship, you may miss the right career opportunity for you.

Instead of feeling guilty, give your bosses ample notice and try to wrap up your current projects to the best of your ability before you leave. Document your work and leave a list of what you couldn’t get done before it was time to leave but don’t let the remaining work guilt you out of leaving.

4. Growth requires a change

Here's how you quit a job and not feel guilty- Regardless of how you feel in the moment, do it anyway.

No one wants a stagnant career with no growth and some companies, for one reason or another, can’t offer the kind of growth opportunities you need to thrive. When there are no opportunities for growth at your current company or you don’t feel like you’re learning anything new, it’s okay to make a change. In fact, it’s expected. Making a change for growth reasons shouldn’t make you feel guilty, remember that!

5. It’s usually desperation not disappointment

If your boss or coworkers had a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to your announcement that you were leaving, don’t take it to heart. Usually, these negative reactions are less about you and more about the panic that they feel now that they have to replace you.

Confusing this desperation with disappointment can often lead to increased guilt but, if you can recognize the difference between the two, you can kiss those guilty feelings goodbye!

6. Counter Offers = Kiss of Death

When you’re busy feeling guilty about leaving you may be blindsided by a counteroffer from your bosses. Don’t let this guilt lead you to accept it!

Counter offers are often counter-productive, as they do little to nothing to eliminate the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place and they often do nothing to restore your employer’s trust that you’ll stick around. More often than not, after accepting a counteroffer, you will be gone for one reason or another within the year. Don’t waste your current job offer by accepting a counteroffer out of guilt!

7. There's less joy with guilt

When you’ve accepted a new job offer after putting time and effort into a job search you should feel excited, elated--even joyful! But getting hung up on any of the aforementioned guilt-bringers could delay your joy or make you miss it entirely.

Soak in as many of the positive emotions as you can during this joyful time and don’t let guilt stop you from feeling present in this extremely exciting moment. They only come around every once in a while!

Deciding to leave your job is no small feat. You’ve likely put a lot of thought and hard work into securing a new job offer that you’re interested in. Don’t let that hard work go to waste by letting guilt rain on your parade! Now is the time to celebrate and, with these 7 tips on how to quit a job and not feel guilty, you’ll be able to truly appreciate this happy time. Good luck in your transition to your next position!

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