Improve Your Remote Work Habits With These 3 Tactics

Looking to improve your remote work habits so you can get the most out of your current job and prepare yourself for an awesome career ahead of you? Try using these 3 tactics.

1. Embrace Mistakes: The best students are often the ones who make the most mistakes or fail the fastest. Why? Because it’s often easier to learn from your mistakes, and learn how to problem solve your way out of any situation, if you’re making the mistakes yourself. The old adage of “fail fast” really rings true when it comes to work. If you’re new to a job you want to do your best but, your best may just include making a ton of mistakes at first so you can learn how to do things better and avoid those costly mistakes in the future. Additionally, if you’re learning a new skill or technology, you’ll need to embrace mistakes in order to learn it faster and more thoroughly.

2. Reduce Stress Before Building New Habits: When you’ve already established bad work habits like not keeping up with your email or leaving your workspace a mess, it’s easy to let your negative feelings ball up into stress. If you’re ready to build new and improved habits you need to first break down the stress that’s built up in order to succeed. Shedding negative feelings isn’t a cookie cutter formula but here are a few suggestions: go for a walk, have a calming scent diffuser or candle at your desk, break up challenging tasks into small digestible sections, focus on the things you do well rather than the things you need to improve, and take the habit building process day by day. Once you have all of that stress cleared away it will be much easier to build positive, lasting work habits that truly improve your career.

3. Reevaluate Often: If you wait until the end of the year to change your habits, assess your performance, or evaluate your skillset you may be wasting a lot of valuable time throughout the year that could be used to make lasting, positive changes. Make sure you’re reevaluating your work priorities often, aligning them both with your future career goals and your boss’ goals for your performance, and you’ll see a great improvement in your work performance overall!

Improving your home work habits is a great idea, especially at this time of year, but it isn’t always an easy task. Use these 3 tactics to create positive, lasting habits that help you build the career you’ve always wanted!