prepare yourself for an interview

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Interview

How you handle yourself during an interview is the most crucial factor that decides whether you will get hired for a job or not.

Every employee has gone through this process. You probably still feel the butterflies in your stomach whenever you think of the day your boss interviewed you for your job.

Whether you are fresh out of college or an experienced IT professional looking for a better job, you can take a look at these tips on how to brace yourself for that all-important job interview:

1. Spruce up your resume.

Your resume will be the first thing to be seen by prospective employers. Make sure that it is comprehensive, concise, and informative.

Make it as presentable as possible, starting with a clean and consistent format. This will be your first step in making a great impression even before the actual interview begins.

2. Prepare yourself for the interview at the earliest time possible.

Start from the way you look. Ensure you are groomed and appropriately dressed before showing up for the interview. Prepare extra copies of your resume and other essential papers the employer might need during the interview.

3. Learn about the company that you are applying for.

You should at least have some knowledge of the company’s background before you show up on your interview date. Questions about it are sure to come up, and it is always better to come prepared.

4. Show up early.

It is never acceptable to be late for interviews. You should have a number to contact should an emergency arise and you will not be able to come on the scheduled date or time.

5. Rehearse.

Regular questions always come up during job interviews, and it is good to have at least an idea of how you would answer them. Rehearsing would also help prepare your emotions and give you a boost of confidence to face up to your “future boss”.

6. Be cool yet confident.

During the interview, maintain eye contact with the person to whom you are speaking.

Make sure that you answer all questions honestly, confidently, and briefly. It would be best to only elaborate on certain aspects when the interviewer asks.

Once the interview is done, no matter how badly or well you think you did, do not forget to thank the person for giving their time to talk with you.

Ensure you get the interviewer’s email address to send a thank you note afterward to display your professionalism.

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