Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

As a job seeker, you already know it’s important to leave a lasting impression during your interview. And one of the best ways to secure that great first interview impression is: Ask strategic and impactful questions during your interview.

The interview questions you ask the hiring manager can be major factors in making great interviews. The questions you ask at the end of the interview, questions during the interview, and, of course, questions you ask to get to know the interviewer and company.

Your goal with interview questions is to showcase knowledge and interest in the company interviewing you–and to gain valuable insights to make an informed decision about your career path. To simplify it, we’re breaking down how to ask the right interview questions.

Powerful Interview Questions to Ask

Your interviewer doesn’t have limitless time on the clock, so we’ll keep it short for you with our top three examples of powerful questions to ask during an interview:

  1. “What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the company in the next year?”

This question shows you’re not solely interested in the role, but also in the company’s overall success. It also helps you gain a deeper understanding of the company’s priorities and goals.

Make sure to review any news and updates about the company before your interview, so you can speak intelligently on whatever the interviewer responds with. It’s yet another chance to use your interview questions to look good (or great) to the hiring manager.

  1. “Can you tell me about a successful project or initiative that the team has worked on recently?”

Ask about the team’s successes during your interview. You’ll demonstrate your interest in the company culture and the ability of the team to deliver results, plus learn valuable info.

Not only will you get a solid picture of how the team operates–and any challenges they resolve–but you get the perfect opportunity to relate your own projects to the ones mentioned in the interview.

  1. “What are the company’s values and how do they shape the work environment and culture?”

Inquire about the company’s values. You need to give yourself a good idea of how you’ll fit in with the company culture, along with the type of work environment you should expect if you take the job. You can rephrase to focus on aspects you’re interested in learning more about, like the team’s dynamic or how leadership manages their crew.

The Bottom Line

By asking thought-provoking questions during an interview, you can make a strong impression and gain valuable insights that can help guide your career decisions. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and ask strategic questions that will make a lasting impact.

If you’re working with a Camden Kelly Search Executive, ask them for guidance on interview questions to ask as a job seeker. Your recruiter will have the best insider tips and suggestions for you to get the most out of your interview experience.