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The 3 Valuable Benefits That Often Go to Waste

The benefits your company offers are a part of your compensation. So why do so many Americans let their best benefits go to waste? Whether you want to increase your happiness, ramp up your productivity, learn new skills, prepare for the future, or you simply want to use all of the benefits your company offers, make sure you aren’t letting these 3 incredibly valuable benefits go to waste!

1. Paid Time Off:

Using your paid time off can help you prevent burnout, increase your happiness, and recharge your productivity. So why did more than half of all US employees fail to use all of their paid time off last year according to a report from Project: Time Off? This is simultaneously one of the most commonly offered and commonly wasted benefits, and its value is undeniable. Don’t let yours go to waste!

2. A 401k or IRA Match:

Most companies offer a 401k, 403B, or an IRA which can be a great tool to prepare for your future and help you save for retirement. But, when your company also offers a match to your contribution, you should absolutely contribute to your 401k, 403B, or IRA! Check your benefits and, if there’s a match offered, make sure you’re contributing up to the maximum to take advantage of all of that additional income which will help you get one step closer to retirement a lot faster.

3. Tuition Reimbursement or Paid Training:

Letting your skills stagnate isn’t really an option when you’re a technical professional. When your company offers tuition reimbursement or paid training you shouldn’t let it go to waste! Many people will overlook these benefits but they’re a great way to sharpen your skills, expand your horizons, and prime yourself for a promotion.

Don’t let your benefits go to waste! Paid time off, a matching contribution on your retirement plan and tuition reimbursement are paid training are 3 of the most valuable benefits a company can offer you but they often go unused. And, if you’re looking for a new job that offers these great benefits, start your search here.