Top Cybersecurity Skills to Learn in 2021

In the world we live in, Cybersecurity skills have become a necessity.

COVID-19 created a worldwide shift towards remote work in 2020. As a result, cybersecurity is a huge topic among employers in job advertisement postings.

Should you add cybersecurity skills to your technical tool belt over the next year? A lot of technical professionals are weighing in on this conversation right now. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Cybersecurity Skills 

Cybercriminals can turn any digital tool into a weapon. Because of this, businesses need well-trained cybersecurity professionals to protect them.

According to Burning Glass Technologies, employers are ready to pay more for workers who can prevent attacks before they occur.  They need people to ensure a secure digital ecosystem. 

So, the question is. 

Which skills should you learn?

Learn these skills:

As a technologist wanting to break into the cybersecurity world, learn these skills to you crime-fighting powers employers are looking for. 

  • Application Development Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Risk Management

Firstly, you can never go wrong with Application Development Security and Cloud Security. If you’re looking for the most job opportunities and potential salary increase, these are it. 

Burning Glass reports that Application Development Security is growing like crazy. It’s projected 5-year growth of 164% and Cloud Security at a projected growth of 115%!

And with skills that are in high demand, you can count on a higher salary. The projected salary increases are up to $15,000 or higher!

Another in-demand cybersecurity skill is Risk Management. It’s projected to increase by 60% in the next five years with an average salary increase of $13,379. 

IT professionals are willing to build these skills, and employers are pulling their hair out trying to hire these skills. Employers are even willing to train employees in these emerging skillsets to protect their data!

So, whether you’re a techie looking to break into the Cybersecurity realm, or you want to add it into your existing skillset in 2021, it’s time to take advantage of this demand!

Burning Glass analyzed its database of over 1 billion historical job records, and their report of the Top 10 Cybersecurity Skills for 2021 can be downloaded here.